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1st european workshop on the ethical dimensions of the radiological protection system

1st european workshop on the ethical dimensions of the radiological protection system

Sala Napoleonica 
Via S. Antonio 4, Milan, Italy 
Hosted by the University of Milan

ORGANISED JOINTLY BY : Associazione Italiana di Radioprotezione (AIRP) Société Française de Radioprotection (SFRP)


Les contributions sont accessibles sur le site : www.airp-asso.it/index.php/airpnews...


Report European Workshop Ethics


The System of radiological protection develops gradually integrating advances in knowledge about the effects of radiation, the feedback from its practical implementation in all relevant domains, as well as the evolution of the ethical and social values that shape community life in modern societies. Although there is a long tradition of ICRP to consider such values in the development of its Recommendations, there is a need to make them explicit. This should facilitate the understanding of the system for specialists and non-specialists in radiological protection and allow a renewed dialogue on its foundations, its objectives and rationality. It should also encourage the emergence of informed behaviours in society vis-à-vis radiations.

In this perspective, ICRP has initiated a reflection in the recent years on the ethical dimensions of the radiological protection system. This reflection has highlighted the links between the fundamental principles of radiation protection (justification, optimization, limitation) and the theories of normative ethics. The recommendations of the Commission are designed to respect individual rights (deontological ethics), to promote the collective interest (utilitarian ethics) and favour vigilance and equity (virtue ethics). This reflection it also identified the interest for the analysis of the radiological protection system to distinguish the ethical values defining the standards by which action should be taken, the ethical procedures for integrating these values in decision making and in the implementation of the decisions, and the ethical behaviour corresponding to the values that are supposed to guide the conduct of the various actors. Because the radiation protection system is intended to be international, the reflection also emphasized the importance of promoting through the Recommendations, values common to different cultures such as autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence and justice.

Objectives of the Workshop

The objective of the Workshop is to explore further the ethical values underlying the system of radiation protection but also to shed some light on different aspects of the practical implementation of the system that raise ethical questions and value judgments. Topics to be discussed will be for example the consideration of scientific uncertainty, the differences in terms of requirements for the protection of workers and the public, the rationality of dose limits, the exposure of future generations or the place to be given to stakeholders in radiation protection…

The Workshop will be an opportunity to : 
share the current reflections in Europe about the ethical dimension of the radiological protection system, 
contribute to the ICRP reflection on the ethical dimensions associated with the management of radiation risk in the different exposure situations.

Workshop format

The Workshop will last for 2 days, starting on Monday 16 December at 14:00 and closing on Wednesday 18 December at 14:00. 
In order to stimulate reflection the Workshop will be structured around a number of invited plenary presentations addressing selected issues related to the ethical dimensions of the system of radiological protection. These presentations will be followed by facilitated working groups that will examine these issues in greater details, particularly their potential implications for the practical implementation of the system.

Structure of the programme

Monday 16 December 2013
13:00 Registration
14:00 Welcome addresses
14:15 Introductory presentations
15:30>18:00 Session 1 (Plenary) 
Ethical theories and radiation protection principles
Tuesday 17 December 2013
9:00>12:00 Session 2 (Plenary) 
Ethical issues in the implementation of the system of radiological protection
12:00>13:00 Session 3 (Working groups)
14:00>17:00 Session 3 (Cont.)
17:00>18:00 Presentations of working group conclusions
Wednesday 18 December 2013
9:00>10:00 Session 4 
Key note lecture
10:00>12:00 General discussion based on the working group conclusions
12:00>13:00 Future steps in the process
13:00>13:30 Conclusion


For more information on the organisation of the workshop, please contact :

Marie Claire Cantone
University of Milan 
Department of Physics 
Via Celoria 16, I-20133 Milano 
Tel. +39 02 50317212 
Fax +39 02 50317630 

Thierry Schneider
28 rue de la Redoute 
F-92260 Fontenay-aux-Roses 
Tel. +33 1 55 52 19 36 
Sec. +33 1 55 52 19 20 
Fax +33 1 55 52 19 21 

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