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CHERNOBYL -20 years and beyond

In commemoration of the Chernobyl accident 20 years ago, the French Society for Radiation Protection (SFRP) and the Belgian Society for Radiation Protection (BVSABR) organise jointly a one day colloquium in Brussels.

Friday 24th March 2006



Chernobyl’s Legacy : Health, Environmental and Socio-Economic Impacts 
and Recommendations to the Governments of Belarus, the Russian Federation and Ukraine

The Chernobyl Forum : 2003–2005 
Second revised version


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Présentation       Résumé

Chernobyl, the accident scenario and its global impact

F. Deconinck, President of the Board of Directors SCK ? CEN, B _ (in memoriam P. Govaerts, General Manager of the SCK ? CEN Research centre)

The EU assistance to mitigate the Chernobyl accident consequences

JP. Joulia, Head of the Nuclear Safety Unit, Europaid Co-operation Office, EC

Crisis communication, crisis management: lessons learned

Dr. A.H. Dal, former Crisis Management Director for the Min. of Housing, Spat. Pl. and Env., NL

The Chernobyl Forum: findings and recommendations

Prof. M. Balonov, Head of the Radioactive Discharges Unit, International Atomic Energy Agency

Thyroid cancer after Chernobyl accident

Prof. J. Kenigsberg, Nat. Commission on Radiation Protection, Council of Ministry, Belarus

Health effects in the European Union

Dr. E. Hindié, Maître des Conférences des Universités, Paris, F

Psychological factors affecting health after the Chernobyl disaster

J.M. Havenaar, psychiatrist at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, Med. Centre, Dpt. Of Psychiatry, NL

Humanitarian support to south-east Belarus

Chr. Vanhoof, Belgian Non Governmental Organizations for help to the affected areas